Youth are making a difference at Spring Hill Church, in the community and in the world! Naming themselves "IMPACT" the youth of this faith community want to send out the message that their lives have IMPACT! Youth are involved in hands on ministry throughout our community and beyond. 

Youth have many opportunities for growth at Spring Hill Church:

 XP3 on Sunday mornings @ 10 am 

 eXPeriencing Faith

XP3 stands for eXPerience 3. The “3” are wonder, discovery and passion—the three things every student should experience in life. Three things that even adults need. Wonder stirs our souls; it’s the feeling we get when we stand before the ocean. Wonder propels us into discovery. It’s the why behind the “Wow!” We internalize and process how this affects us, how it relates to us. Passion is the more—we discover and learn and know and we can’t get enough. Passion drives us and affects how we relate to others.

Imagine your student confronted with the awe of God. Think about them discovering how God unfolds throughout all of life: their identities, their relationships, their calling, their jobs, their education, their romances. Now think about that same student passionate about God and others. He is real and He is all they want, yet they realize that it’s not just about God and them.  He wants us to love and care for others the same way He loves and cares for us.

  • IMPACT United Methodist Youth (UMY) on Sundays @ 5 pm

Two groups - High School and Middle School Only meet each week to share in fellowship and mission. UMY moves us beyond "going to church" into "being the church". IMPAC enamed themselves because they want to make a statement and a difference. Spring Hill United Methodist Youth is a place where youth can come as they are in an environment that promotes the love of God and the love of neighbor. 

Wednesday Night Live @ 6:45 pm

Each Wednesday evening (September -early May) our congregation gathers for small group activities and studies.  Youth meet at 6:45 pm. for Bible Study.